A Smart Event

  • Lead generation at in-cosmetics Global

    We are proud to be bringing back this smart solution back year on year.

  • 80,156
    Total Leads Generated
    Average Leads Per Top 10 Exhibitors
    % Visitors Want A Smart Event
  • The benefits

    Benefits for you...

    • Don’t lose any leads even when busy
    • Save on printing and logistic costs
    • Save on post-event administration
    • Instantly provide digital content for your visitors
    • Capture high quality sales leads

    Benefits for the visitors...

    • No spamming: only receive the exhibitor information they’re interested in
    • Keep track of which stands they visited
    • Exchange their virtual business card with the exhibitors they visited

    Watch the video below to see what Konduko can do for you:

  • How does the Reader work?

    A Konduko Smart Reader is placed on the stand preloaded with digital content provided by you, the exhibitor, about a specific product or your company for the visitor to collect. All visitors will be equipped with a Smart Badge that interacts with your Konduko Reader.

    When visitors touch the Reader with their smart badge their details are recorded. The visitor will then receive an email at the end of the day containing the information about your products and company.

  • How does the app work?

    As a companion product, the lead generation StandApp will allow you to capture and qualify leads from your smartphone. Simply scan a prospect badge, retrieve contact data and add individual notes against each lead.

  • Looking to use Konduko?

    If you are a main stand holder, Konduko is included in your stand package (unless opted out). If you would like to purchase additional readers or app licenses, contacts your local sales agent.

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    If you want more information about Konduko, view our FAQ sheet to find out more.

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