Zones and Pavilions

  • What are the zones and pavilions at in-cosmetics Global?

    The show is structured around zones, each focused on a specialist topic area, and pavilions which bring together suppliers from the same geographic region.

    Zones at in-cosmetics

    To help visitors easily identify the location of and navigate their way to the suppliers and products which are most of interest to them, the specialist zones are split into three dedicated areas; Fragrance in Cosmetics Zone, Testing & Regulation Zone and the Lab Zone.

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  • Fragrance Zone

    Each year, prestigious fragrance houses, producers and distributors of extracts and ingredients showcase their products in this zone at in-cosmetics Global.

    Get expert advice, learn about regional differences and source aromatic components for your personal care formulations from leading fragrance suppliers.

    International suppliers including Luzi AG and CPL Aromas will indulge your senses and take you on a journey of new scents and fragrance trends.

    Want to exhibit in this zone? Contact your local sales representative to find out more. Visit the contact page

  • Testing & Regulation Zone

    This zone inspires innovative solutions to ensure the safety, stability and shelf-life of personal care products.

  • Lab Zone

    Visitors will discover the latest developments in the world of lab equipment, learn about lab equipment trends, and be granted a unique opportunity to discuss their needs with prestigious suppliers.

    This is the best area for companies who specialise in supplying lab equipment to showcase their knowledge about the latest trends and position themselves as innovators in this industry.

  • Pavilions

    Pavilions are areas within the show which bring together suppliers who offer a range of differing products, but come from the same geographical region. This allows you to easily find niche suppliers from specific regions.

    For exhibitors, pavilions provide a cost-effective solution to ensuring that you reach your target worldwide audience, at a fraction of the price of a regular stand. Exhibiting within a country pavilion offers you high visibility with buyers wishing to network with niche suppliers from the same region.

  • French Pavilion

    In partnership with Cosmetic Valley

    Contact Laurine Martinez for more information

    UK Pavilion

    In partnership with DIT 

    Contact Tim Lomas for more information

    South Korean Pavilion

    In partnership with KCA (Korean Cosmetic Association)
    Contact Alex Lee for more information

  • Brazilian Pavilion

    In partnership with ABIHPEC

    Contact Stephen Guthartz for more information

    Spanish Pavilion

    All inclusive package
    In partnership with Barcelona Beauty Cluster
    Contact Lisa Zitelli for more information

    South African Pavilion

    Contact Elisa Benassi for more information
  • Columbian Pavilion

    In partnership with ProColombia

    Contact Stephen Guthartz for more information

    Peruvian Pavilion

    In partnership with PromPeru

    Contact Stephen Guthartz for more information

    Tunisian Pavilion

    In partnership with Centre de Promotion des Exportations

    Contact Elisa Benassi for more information

  • Chinese Pavilion

    In partnership with Dadao Tongtu

    Contact Sarah Han for more information





  • More Pavilions?

    Other pavilions might be created at a later stage

  • Finding the Zones

    Use our floorplan to find out where the zones that you’re interested in are located.

    View the floorplan

    What else can you expect?

    In addition to our Zones & Pavilions, there are several other areas of in-cosmetics Global to explore.

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