Global Beauty Day

    Global Beauty Day at in-cosmetics Global

  • “A celebration of diversity in the global beauty industry”


    What is Global Beauty Day?

    Global Beauty Day marks a celebration of diversity and inclusivity in the worldwide beauty industry spanning gender, identity, ethnicity and race.

    We’re calling on research houses, brands, formulators and exhibitors to join us at in-cosmetics Global to take part in a discussion about inclusivity in the cosmetics industry.

    We’ll be exploring a range of topics, such as:

    • LGBTQ+ Identity
    • Gender
    • Skin types and colours
    • Lifestyle Choices
    • Ethnicities
  • Why are we holding Global Beauty Day?

    • To celebrate and honour brands and industry professionals that are embracing inclusivity and catering for a diverse range of consumers
    • To demonstrate the importance of inclusivity in the personal care industry, particularly in light of the prevalent consumer demand for brands to embrace diversity
    • To challenge cosmetic ingredient suppliers and brands to evolve and meet new industry standards
  • How can you get involved?

    Innovative ingredient launches
    Is your brand embracing inclusivity? Are you focusing on aligning your strategy with diversity and helping R&D professionals identify how to cater for all?
    Send us your latest press releases, brochures or a short description (50 words) outlining your product or initiatives today by emailing 

    Get involved
    You can also find out how you could get involved in our on-site round table discussions, video interviews and social media activity. Email for more information and help us promote your brand for FREE.

    Join the #GlobalBeautyDay movement
    How is your brand embracing inclusivity? We’ll be celebrating brands and industry professionals that are embracing inclusivity and catering for a diverse range of consumers. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and join in the conversation using the #DiversityinBeauty and #GlobalBeautyDay hashtags.

    We’ll like and share our favourite examples of inclusivity and diversity in the cosmetics and beauty industries!

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